Welcome to KipKit Apparel

We are… laid back: KipKit was born out of Southern California, where we don’t take life too seriously. We want to hang at the beach and then belly up to the bar, or roll out of bed and go to class. We aren’t fussy, but at the same time we want to feel good in whatever we put on. 

We are… athletic: There are these things called the outdoors and fresh air. We heard they’re good for you. (That's what our mothers say, anyway). We don’t believe in staring at our phones endlessly or sitting behind the computer all day (unless you're exploring, uh hmm we mean, shopping on our site). We like to go out and play, and not have to worry about what to wear while doing it. Straight from bed to an early morning hike or beach volleyball?!? Yes please, sign us up.

We are… comfort: We don’t just want you to slip us on and forget about us. Our goal is to make you feel good in whatever you do. Taking a Kip (nap)? Need a Kit (gear)? Too lazy to pick out what to wear to class? We want you to be you in everything you do and live life on your own terms. We’re just here to help you decide what to wear while doing it.